Kings Dominion will get first Air Thrust in 2001

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The rumors are indeed true. Paramount's Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia will be the first to receive an Air Thrust model coaster by S&S Power of Utah (known for their space shot and turbo drop tower rides).

From the press release... Description: HyperSonic XLC is the world's first compressed-air launch coaster. Unique acceleration, zero gravity airtime and free-fall sensations combine to make HyperSonic a one-of-a-kind coaster experience. Pneumatic tires and specially designed shock absorbers provide an unbelievably smooth ride that must be experienced.

Debut: Spring 2001.
Location: Candy Apple Grove.
Ride Manufacturer: S&S Power, Utah
Track Length: 1,560 feet
Number of Passengers: 8 per cycle
Top Speed: 80 m.p.h.
Acceleration: 0 - 80 / 1.8 seconds!
Track Elevation: 165 feet
Tires and Guide Wheels: Pneumatic
Angle of Ascent: 90 degrees vertical
Angle of Descent: 90 degrees vertical
Air Compressors: 4 / 2 at 250 Hp each. And 2 at 200Hp

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