IAAPA partners with UNICEF to immunize children

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[Press release from IAAPA.]

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) announced a historic three-year partnership with UNICEF yesterday at the United Nations in New York City. IAAPA and UNICEF will mobilize a fundraising initiative titled, “Your Change for a Real Change.” Funds raised from the partnership will support UNICEF’s global immunization activities.

Alain Baldacci, chairman of the IAAPA Board of Directors, spearheaded the partnership. Mr. Baldacci said he was pleased and honored to see the amusement park industry taking a proactive role regarding social awareness.

“Through this alliance with UNICEF we are showing our unequivocal support for social programs that will benefit children in need around the world,” Baldacci said.

The main goal of the partnership program is to use IAAPA’s worldwide park network, which attract millions of visitors every year. This network will allow UNICEF to better reach the goals of its immunization project.

“I am sure that IAAPA members will be sensitive to these goals and our industry will forge a substantial amount of resources to support this noble program,” Baldacci said.

Clark Robinson, president of IAAPA said he looks forward to working with member parks to arrange the partnerships with local UNICEF field offices across the globe. IAAPA has already received numerous commitments from member parks and Robinson expressed confidence that the industry can work together to provide children a healthy, productive and fun-filled childhood.

“ I have been in the amusement industry all my life and there is nothing like seeing the smile on a child’s face when they first walk into an amusement park,” Robinson said.

IAAPA has over 5600 members in more than 100 countries. Formed in 1918, IAAPA promotes park safety, professionalism and a Code of Ethics that recommends extensive community involvement. IAAPA provides promotion and growth for the amusement industry market and hosts one of the largest annual trade shows in the United States.

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