IAAPA 2006: Exhibitor awards announced

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[Ed. note: Press release follows. -J]

The IAAPA Attractions Expo 2006 Exhibitor Awards were announced November 15, 2006 with honors given in four categories: Best Exhibit, Best New Product, Image Award Winner and the Impact Award. The Best New Product and Best Exhibit Awards were divided into numerous sub-categories, depending on the type of product entered or amount of exhibit space.

According to Andy Quinn, chairman of the Exhibitor Awards Committee, entries for the Best New Product awards were submitted in advance of the Expo. The Exhibitor Awards Committee has a sub-committee for each category and they research the entries and give a score appropriately. The sub-committee chairpersons visit the top two or three entrants in each category, review the product, and determine the winner.

The Impact Award recognizes a first place winner who has showcased the ultimate new product in 2006.

The Best Exhibit awards are divided into four sub-categories based on booth size and the sub-committees select the winners. The Image Award is given to the best overall exhibit of the Expo.

Best New Major Theme/Amusement Park Ride/Attraction
First Place: Zamperla Inc. – Booth #6553 (Disk’o/Skater Coaster)
Honorable Mention: Maurer Soehne – Booth #5669 (Skyloop)

Waterpark Ride/Attraction
First Place: Proslide Technology - Booth #6057
Honorable Mention: Whitewater West Industries – Booth #4553 (Whizzard)

Family Entertainment Center Ride/Attraction
First Place: SBF Visa Group – Booth #4341 (Traffic Jam)
Honorable Mention: Spectrum Sports Int’l – Booth #7559 (Coconut Tree Climb)

Coin-Operated Kiddie Ride
First Place: Memo Park – Booth #5673 (Galaxy Explorer)
Honorable Mention: Cogan – Booth #6169 (Art. 610 Fazenda)

Technology Applied to Amusements
First Place: Embed Integration – Booth #7927 (Embed Color-Glo Debit Card Reader)

First Place: Bob’s Space Racers – Booth #6753 (Dog Pounder)
Honorable Mention: Happy Jump Inc. – Booth #2307 (The Dragon’s Quest)

Coin Operated Arcade and Redemption
First Place: Bob’s Space Racers – Booth #6753 (Water Blast)
Honorable Mention: Robotic Amusements Inc. – Booth #7241 (Robo Basho)

First Place: Nanco/Nancy Sales Co. – Booth #7023 (Animaland Interactive Stuffing Experience)

Revenue and Admission Control
First Place: Proximities Inc. – Booth #3756 (Go SmarTTender)
Honorable Mention: Gateway Ticketing – Booth #5659 (Galaxy RFID Interface)

Equipment and Supplies:
First Place: Dadeem Automatica SRL – Booth #4312 (Combo)
Honorable Mention: Lavi Industries – Booth #4082 (Shuttletrac)

The Impact Award
Embed Integration

Best Exhibit Award
Category 1 –
First Place: Chick-n-mation #1137
Honorable Mention: TB Visual Effects #1237

Category 2 –
First Place: K-River Entertainment #8133
Honorable Mention: CDRide Corp. #4304

Category 3 –
First Place: Empex Watertoys #4623
Honorable Mention: MagiQuest/Creative Kingdoms #1049

Category 4 –
First Place: Bob’s Space Racers #6753
Honorable Mention: Zamperla Inc. #6553

The Image Award
Pizzazz Scenic Contractors, Inc. Booth #426

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