Holiday World's Will Koch issues letter to enthusiasts, cancels all 2004 events

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The following letter was issued by to enthusiast groups by Will Koch, President and General Manager of Holiday World and Splashin' Safari:

16 September, 2003

It is time to add my voice to the discussion about coaster enthusiasts and ride safety.

During the investigation that followed the tragic accident at Holiday World earlier this season, we became aware of actions taken by—and encouraged by—a number of enthusiasts. We are appalled to learn that this minority of enthusiasts continues to practice unsafe and even illegal behavior at parks, and brag about it on the Internet.

For this reason, we will not host any special events for coaster enthusiasts in 2004.

We are also initiating a Zero Tolerance Policy in regards to safety. In the past, we have relied on a stern warning and ejection from the park when a rider broke a safety rule. Effective immediately, a park guest who compromises his or her own—or others—safety will be permanently banned from the park.

This Zero Tolerance Policy extends to false and harmful information spread on the various Internet newsgroups and forums. This includes posting advice about how to defeat safety devices and how to sneak cameras (when forbidden) onto coasters. It also includes making libelous claims regarding park policies and procedures.

Coaster clubs are at risk of losing the trust of parks. The future of these relationships and special events may well be at stake. We urge you to take a Zero Tolerance stand with your members. We encourage you to communicate with other clubs—as well as parks—as we work together to weed out the bad influence that threatens to erode a friendship we have grown to treasure over the years.

Please share this letter with your members.

Will Koch
President and General Manager
Holiday World and Splashin' Safari

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