Holiday World and Splashin' Safari announces Wildebeest, world's longest water coaster

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Wildebeest is the world’s longest water coaster, opening in May at Splashin' Safari. It's one-third of a mile long and it will thrill riders for two-and-a-half splashing minutes of hills, drops, twists and turns.

Located to the north of Bahari wave pool, Wildebeest will begin with a conveyor ride up the water coaster’s lifthill. Following the four-story drop at a 45-degree angle, linear induction motors (LIMs) will propel the four-person rafts up seven additional hills, through three tunnels (two of them underground) and around a helix. Wildebeest will cover more than two acres; its top speed will hit 36 feet per second. Wildebeest’s tallest elevation is 64 feet higher than its lowest drop; the conveyor-style lifthill replaces any slide-tower stairs, making the water coaster accessible to riders who might have difficulty walking up stairs.

Read more, with photos and video, on the official Holiday World site.

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