Great America announces new name, Huss ride, wood coaster for 2009

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Great America will be transformed in 2008 starting with a new name -- California's Great America. Part of the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company's family of theme parks, California's Great America's new name signifies exciting new additions to the popular attraction as well as a 14 million dollar investment from the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company over the next two years.

Taking guests head-over-heels this season will be FireFall. This new thrill ride will take 40 brave riders to a height of 60 feet, then subject them to 360 degree vertical arcs as they twist, turn and spin through both fire and water effects. FireFall is manufactured by Huss of Germany and promises to be the hottest ticket in 2008.

In 2009, California's Great America will add to its roster of thrill rides a new world-class wooden coaster. This copious coaster will boast a lift of 104 feet and take riders on a two minute ride at 52 mph through a twisting first drop, low to the ground S-turn, and a high speed station fly-by! Designed by Great Coasters International, this ride promises to take coaster enthusiasts to new heights.

Read the full press release on PR Newswire.

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