Five new Rollercoaster Tycoon creations released on COASTERnet

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Just released to COASTERnet is an update of five new tracks and parks for Rollercoaster Tycoon. The parks include two original and one real:

Egyptian Adventures:
I actually completed this park over a year ago, but lost it. Well, it isn't exactly up to my current standard, but it features some interesting attractions.

Knott's Berry Farm 2002:
One of the first recreations for this year, this park is a fantastic work of art. Definitely one of the most accurate and detailed of the recreations yet.

Six Flags over Yorkshire:
A park packed to its boundries with great coasters. SFoY features exceptional theming surrounding just about every type of coaster in RCT.

The tracks:

Mountain Run:
Created by COASTERnet's Vertex, this coaster is an awesome terrain design. Mountain Run is 3,871' of wooden rails twisted to their max.

If you're just interested in Knott's 2002 addition and don't want the entire park, download the Xcelerator, from the creator of KBF.

Also, feast your eyes on five screenshots of Vertex's newest park creation - Six Flags Miami!

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