Feature: Fast Company looks at the drama and politics behind Disney's billion-dollar MyMagic+

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From the feature:

The theater was quiet, the elation gone. Iger repeated, "This better work."

This is the story of what it took to deliver on those three simple words. It is not the story Disney wants you to hear, although the company did make certain key figures, like Staggs, accessible. It’s based on extensive interviews with dozens of current and former executives, employees, and outside partners involved with the development of MyMagic+. Most would speak only on the condition of anonymity due to non-disclosure agreements, and also because, as one source explains, "You don’t mess with the Mouse." It is a tale of corporate politics, personal feuds, and turf wars. But it also the story of a success, even though the project didn’t fully deliver on its massive ambitions. This is what happens when a huge corporation tries to reinvent itself. This is what you have to do when you better make it work.

Read the feature from Fast Company.

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