Dorney obtains local approval for new coaster

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The article states that after many initially rancourous debates, the local planning commission is giving Dorney Park approval to build a new $15 million inverted coaster that will begin construction around Labor Day of 2001. Issues surrounded the local seventy foot zoning ordinance limiting the height of rides at the park. Cedar Fair officals have been working to mainitain a delicate balance with the community, though, and have pledged that no future atttractions will exceed the height of Steel Force, a 200 ft. hyper-coaster at the park. The new coaster will tower 135 ft. tall and occupy about 2.75 acres near the front entrance to the park. To lessen any noise pollution to surrounding areas, Dorney has agreed to fill the tracks with sand. They stated that a study on noise reduction was conducted on a similar coaster at Universal Studios: IOA in Florida, and results were successful.

Read the whole story from The Lehigh Valley News.

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