Discovery to air new theme park and thrill ride shows

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The Discovery Channel will debut three new television specials on roller coasters, thrill rides and amusement parks this month. 30 Rollercoasters in 24 Hours, Extreme Rides 2001 and More Top Ten Coasters will air over the Memorial Day weekend, a yearly tradition on the Discovery Channel.

More Top Ten Coasters -- Ride the world's greatest roller coasters and meet ride designers, engineers, enthusiasts, and behavioral scientists who explain explore the popularity of Top 10 Lists and Top 10 Coaster Lists.

Extreme Rides 2001 -- Explore the latest technology behind the tallest, fastest, longest, wettest, highest and scariest thrill rides in the world. Hear from enthusiasts, designers, ride engineers and park administrators and discover the designs behind the screams.

30 Rollercoasters in 24 Hours -- Follow a group of rollercoaster enthusiasts as they attempt to set a world record for riding the most number of roller coasters in 24 hours. Special lipstick-size cameras, and specialized audio and camera mounts capture history in the making!

A variety of old favorites are also airing during May on both the Discovery Channel and The Travel Channel. For a complete list of shows, descriptions and dates visit the Ultimate Rollercoaster.

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