Discovery Channel to feature The Voyage in new series

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[Editorial note: Press release follows.]

A crew from The Discovery Channel will visit Holiday World later this week to film construction of The Voyage wooden roller coaster.

The four-day shoot will include a series of interviews about the design and construction of the park’s record-breaking coaster, which will open in May of 2006.

The one-hour program will be part of the new Discovery series Building the Biggest, and will profile the design and construction of the 1.2-mile-long Voyage, along with two other wooden coasters scheduled to open next year.

“The series itself is six stand-alone films following some of the world’s most ambitious projects currently under construction,” says Associate Producer Liz Collier. “Other subjects are as diverse as the NASA space station, the new Singapore subway, and the stunning diamond mines in Yellowknife.”

Shot in high-definition format by a four-member crew from the U.K., Building the Biggest will also include the “human side” of roller coasters, including interviews with coaster enthusiasts and the Koch family, who have owned and operated Holiday World for six decades. The series will air worldwide on The Discovery Channel next year.

Last month, a crew from the National Geographic Channel visited Holiday World to shoot interviews and Voyage construction footage for its two-hour documentary, Coasters: Riding Into the Extreme, which is slated to air in the spring. The park will also be featured in a Travel Channel special in 2006.

Holiday World will open its 60th anniversary season, along with The Voyage, on May 6, 2006. For more information, log on to or call 1-877-Go-Family.

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