Discovery Channel mystery: Where are the blueprints?

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Following last week's preview showing of "The World's Largest Amusement Park," a documentary about the operations of Cedar Point, people are wondering why the show that aired last night on Discovery Channel in the US didn't deliver the allged sighting of blueprints from the park's planning and design office.

The truth is, according to Cedar Point's Janice Witherow, that the version shown at the preview event was the international version, a full 50 mintutes in length. To make room for the US time slot, it had to be reduced to 46 minutes.

In either case, the hype surrounding the segment would have disappointed people anyway. CoasterBuzz member Dave "RideMan" Althoff, Jr. explains in a post made to the forums:

"Here's what you didn't see. A segment covered the operation of the Design and Planning Office. In that segment, we were treated to some pictures of the models that have been constructed of various ride elements and the like. Design and planning folks are shown working with the drawings which appear to be the 2001 midway renovation plan (I remember seeing something about a jumping fountain) know, the renovation that didn't happen this year. At the end of the segment, The Blueprints were hauled out...a roll of prints in the hands of a park planner, identified as the park's top-secret 5-year Plan. A hand from behind the camera reaches for them, but is denied as the planner pulls them away. No, you can't see what's on them. But you get to see the blueprints of the park's 5-year Plan."

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