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While most parks are closed for the winter, and many coaster websites are dormant until spring, keeps growing. Iowa's Arnolds Park is the newest park in the Gallery. Currently, CoasterGallery has information on over 425 roller coasters.

While the Gallery is known for its photography, it also contains more information than ever. There are details of past coasters, historical information about parks, descriptions of coasters, discussions of coaster manufacturers, and news about new coasters for 2003.

Joel and Jeff Rogers are continuing their quest to see who can ride the most coasters. As a byproduct of their sibling rivalry, is always adding coasters from all over the world. In the next two months, expect to see Race World, Adventureland, Idlewild Park, and Wyandot Lake added to the website. Also, a new search feature, pictures of winter coaster construction, and a few other surprises are going to be added to

Link: Coaster Gallery

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