CoasterBuzz updates forum software

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

CoasterBuzz is proud to introduce v5.0 of POP Forums to its members. The new version offers several enhancements, the most noticable of which is the "rich text" posts. Internet Explorer users can simply highlight-and-click to format text.

Also of interest is the favorite topics. Members can click "add to favorite topics" at the top of any topic then click "manage favorite topics" to get a list of those topics. Now you'll never lose the topics you care most about!

There are two items that will help the moderators. The first is that you must accept the terms of service before posting. When you see those terms, please read them. Second, the moderators may issue post quotas on members who post too frequently without saying much. This requires members (usually newer members) to choose their responses carefully and be thoughtful about their posts instead of posting countless "me too" posts.

A complete list of enhancements and fixes can be found on the POP Forums site.

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