CoasterBuzz turns three years old!

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

CoasterBuzz celebrates its third birthday today! Since the site went live on January 30, 2000, the site has served millions of visitors, 2,200 news items, 22,127 forum topics, 329,657 forum and news talkback posts, 1,066 coasters, 381 parks, 628 sites, 2,248 meeting calendar entries, 120,693 track record entries and whatever its members add today. CoasterBuzz Games, which is still testing, has served nearly 20,000 downloads in the few months that it has been live. Just over a year ago, we launched the enthusiast CoasterBuzz Club, which now has over 300 members.

Here's a list of new features on CoasterBuzz:

  • CoasterBuzz Club members can change the color scheme of the site. So far there are six choices, with more coming in the next few weeks.
  • Club members can also change and arrange the things that appear on their home page. One of these modules is "My Sites," where the member can add links to anything, anywhere, and have them stored on the site so they can be accessed from any browser anywhere in the world.
  • CoasterBuzz now does photos! To help round out our database of roller coasters, users can submit photos in the contribute section, with a link back to their own site, if they want it.
  • News items can now be associated with multiple parks and multiple sites, so you you don't have to search for extra information on a particular park.
  • Site submissions can now be associated with multiple parks, so if you specialize in two or three parks, you can indicate that.
  • Easier to use meeting calendar. Instructions are more explicit and there's less confusion about how to post for a particular park.
  • Now club members can sort their track records, or just alphabetize them with one click.
  • The new forum version has a ton of enhancements. Searching is faster, you can be notified of any topic you reply to, "scroll to new post" also links you to the page where the new post is, etc.

The last version of CoasterBuzz for the most part ran on the same code for three years. Here's to another three years!

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