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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • The captive animal debate comes back with the death of another animal at the Georgia Aquarium.
  • Spy theme park in Spain? We'll see. Mike says the area is planned to be Europe's version of Las Vegas.
  • Ed Markey is at it again with his zany legislation to have the CPSC regulate the industry. The Washington Post says safety is "optional."
  • Hong Kong officials say their new Disneyland results were unsatisfactory. Jeff makes up words.
  • Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom accident victim walks for the first time after losing her feet. Someone is going to pay, regardless of negligence. We wish there were more details about the accident.
  • Ohio senator urges Cedar Fair to preserve Big Dipper. People keep suggesting "lifestyle" retail, but there already is a similar thing near by.
  • Jeff ponders if you can lump the Intamin milled track rides in with other wood coasters.
  • Post-baby making state with Mike.
  • Holiday parties.

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