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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Gonch gets pulled into a debate on "corporate" blogging.
  • Jeff gives a quick recap from what little he at IAAPA's big trade show in Orlando.
  • What's the point of Dinner in The Sky?
  • Blue Man Group show at Universal Orlando is tweaked a bit, and there's digging behind Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure. Jeff also did Spiderman broken. Men In Black bonus.
  • Kalahari is building in Virginia and advertising heavily in Cleveland.
  • Cypress Gardens will persist with the new owners.
  • ProSlide wants to open its own park. Does that seem weird? How long will the season really be in Ottawa?
  • He ran into Jeff Siebert from Schlitterbahn and finally met Susie Storey in real life from a number of parks previously, now with Give Kids The World.
  • Lenders are crossing their fingers that they'll make their money back on the Wild West World failure. Still can't believe anyone gave money to that guy.
  • Universal wants to expand to South Korea. No surprise there as Southeast Asia and the Middle East are the big growth opportunities.
  • Indiana Beach announces Steel Hawg roller coaster. It'll be interesting to see them squeeze that ride in.
  • Critical meetings in Santa Clara will determine 49ers stadium and where it will be in relation to California's Great America.
  • Disney gets its way as Anaheim pulls the zoning change for housing in the resort district.
  • Jeff ran into Eric from Ultimate Rollercoaster at IOA.
  • Holiday World announces new rides, a carousel and spring ride, for next year.

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