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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Kennywood goes Hollywood. We were barely alive for the Brady Bunch episode at Kings Island.
  • There was a fire at Alton Towers. Does a park that's not usually open at night really need outdoor lights?
  • We say it every other show, but we'd really like to see park-by-park attendance results from Cedar Fair. Conference call is Tuesday. Jeff says the company owes a more detailed explanation about why Geauga Lake failed, just to put the unit holders minds' at ease.
  • Recycling ride names is really inconsequential for most of the park-going public.
  • The bridge on Ravine Flyer II is truly destined to be a landmark.
  • Geauga Lake pricing sounds about right, emphasizing the season pass. Will they be able to sell the value proposition right? Is it a better value against local recreation centers? Kind of surprised that they're charging for parking at all.
  • Mainstream media buys are not the be-all, end-all to success.
  • What's wrong with putting a tourist attraction next to something historic? Gonch compares to Hershey as being the complete package. Jeff reminds us that the US doesn't have a whole lot of history to begin with.
  • When a wood coaster has been completely replaced over time, is it still historic? Gonch asks if a copy is just as important.
  • Why is public breastfeeding even an issue? Which part of it is something that's dirty or improper?
  • The amusement industry isn't very good at looking outside of itself and is stuck in a rut. Shapiro said this last year, but Jeff thinks he's not doing what he said.
  • Jeff shares details of his IAAPA presentation, and of closing weekend on the Paddlewheel Excursion.

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