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Jeff (inspired by Diana) and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Recorded at Cedar Point during BooBuzz 2007.
  • Cedar Point's Tony Clark talks about Halloweekends, parades and the next attraction for Cedar Point (or not).
  • Cedar Fair maintains its quarterly distribution, but Jeff is not pleased with the unit price.
  • These late season events are clearly good for the numbers as they pad the fourth quarter.
  • LA Times writer is exhausted by his time as a creepy guy at Knott's Berry Farm's Halloween event.
  • Disney is going to spend $1.1 billion on California Adventure. Jeff and Gonch both see the trend that the parks are there to fill the hotels, not the reverse. That's where they're creating growth.
  • Safety improved according to consultant paid to say what you want?
  • Gonch says Wild West World was like him giving millions to his kids to run a new park. Jeff liked the sign.
  • Diana gets a slow clap for riding Skyhawk. Had a good time on ERT.
  • Jeff and Tony talk off-topic on radio. Morning show hilarities ensue.
  • Tony gets a word in on golden tickets and last rides of the season on Maverick.
  • Behold, it's Mr. Microphone!

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