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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • No takers for Wild West World. Shocker.
  • Slightly off-topic, residents of Kauai have a case of NIMBY that's familiar. Gonch says that for better or worse, you can't stop progress.
  • Florida theme parks said to be relatively resistant to economic trials and tribulations. Jeff remembers Orlando right after 9/11, amazed at how busy it is now. Gonch does the math.
  • Attendance down at fair in Tulsa, official says it has nothing to do with the loss of Bell's.
  • The 49ers want to build a stadium next to Great America and cause what Cedar Fair calls a parking nightmare. Cedar Fair has a win-win situation, where if the 49ers and local officials want it bad enough, they'll pay dearly, otherwise the park can go about its business.
  • Stupid criminal of the week story.
  • Morey's considers new trains for its SLC. Ever meet an SLC you liked?
  • County assessor for Great America gets in on the action with a completely irrelevant opinion, and lacks common sense that tax assessed values have nothing to do with fair market values.
  • Short and terrible show, but we're getting closer to 100!
  • We'll see some of you at BooBuzz this weekend.

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