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Jeff, Greg, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Six Flags says guest satisfaction is up. Did it really have anywhere else to go but up?
  • The Astroland story has to resolve itself before the end of the year, if not sooner, because of the expiring lease. Greg says the place was better than he remembered on his visit this year.
  • Kids get their five minutes over alleged tampering with restraints on Busch Gardens Europe's Griffon. They got the ban hammer.
  • Skee-Ball licenses the brand to Hasbro. What will they come up with?
  • Six Flags Great America busted by OSHA. Workplace safety is no accident.
  • Hong Kong Disneyland misses targets. Were they too ambitious to start with? Why does Disney always get a bad rap when opening new parks?
  • Six Flags Great America boots a smoker. Pat (a smoker) says he can't understand how anyone wouldn't have the expectation that smoking is limited. Mike says it's an expectation for outdoor areas.
  • Cedar Fair results: How long can per caps go up while attendance goes down?
  • Pat says it's not time to worry, but Jeff and Wall Street are not pleased.
  • Jeff (big surprise) says the value proposition is screwed up, starting with the ridiculous food pricing. While not evidence, he sees a lot of tailgating at the parks.
  • We mostly agree that ticket pricing could go higher in a lot of markets.
  • What do amusement parks truly compete with? Is it as simple as other entertainment venues?
  • Sidebar: Competing on quality instead of price.
  • Jeff opened Halloweekends at Cedar Point, starting a week earlier this year.

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