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Jeff, Greg, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Canada's Wonderland announced Behemoth, enthusiasts already pick it apart when the foundations haven't even dried. Jeff rants. A lot.
  • Silly lawsuits against amusement venues.
  • Learnings of a premium park to make benefit better SeaWorld Orlando. Discovery Cove discovers it's hospitality that is key. The amusement industry as a whole seems to not get that.
  • The nutty developer still wants to build a park in Michigan, and says it will be as big as Cedar Point. As if his credibility wasn't bad to begin with.
  • Having a ride crop up in your back yard is not good for your property value. Why is that so tough to understand? Gonch sides with homeowners, and agrees to turn his enthusiast credentials.
  • The non-event fire at Valleyfair closes nothing. Details at 11.
  • Cypress Gardens is not going to go away despite the bankruptcy.
  • Disney files patent applications for extensions and new uses in the FastPass system. What do you suppose they have in mind?
  • As an aside, is technology counter-productive to vacationing? People with Crackberries aren't the same as teenagers txting their BFF Jill.
  • Cedar Fair announces uniform platinum pass paricing throughout the chain. Any way you do the math, it's a good deal. Only a fringe number of enthusiasts don't get this.
  • Greg is annoyed that platinum passes from other parks don't get you the "point perks" at Cedar Point.
  • The sweet spot of season pass sales and gate integrity is getting to be more uniform, with Six Flags still offering the head scratchers.

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