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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Mike better be here next week even if he's having a baby.
  • Wild West World is the result of a lack of business common sense. Who can really buy it though?
  • Jeff talks about the CCI bankruptcy documents he's been getting over the years, and talks about some of the people and companies that made claims against the bankruptcy.
  • Kids use K'Nex to build a 30' high toy coaster in Toledo. The cast admits they were "that kid."
  • The cast also talks about playing with Hot Wheels tracks back in the day.
  • Several die in a Korean Ferris wheel accident.
  • Is attendance an obsolete metric when measuring the health of an amusement park operator? Gonch has been making the case that lower attendance with higher per cap is OK too. Where is the sweet spot though, and at what point are they going too far with in-park prices? Mike says there's no one way of balancing these factors for all parks.
  • The boys entertain various forum topics from the week.
  • The flyer is up for the CoasterBuzz Club Fall Affair. Download it now!

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