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Jeff, Pat, Mike and Greg review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Stadiums and parking and Cedar Fair. Never thought they'd be in the business of disputing that kind of project.
  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk turns 100. We think boardwalk parks are a uniquely American experience.
  • Six Flags New England gets their way and makes off-property parking more expensive for lot owners.
  • Disneyland gets its day at the polls to dispute the zoning changes that would permit low-income housing in the "amusement district."
  • Spending will go up slightly in US parks, but the Asian markets will grow 5% every year for the next several.
  • The accident at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom seems so random. Is it something that will have far-reaching effects in the industry?
  • Gonch says using retirees as employees is a trade off. On one hand, they're slower, but they're a lot more friendly than the average teen or college kid.
  • He loves Silver Dollar and Celebration City.
  • Jeff shares a story about an encounter with a retired worker at Universal. People go to Florida not to die, but to live.
  • Mike did the Q-bot experience at Six Flags Great America, and liked it because of the large group and the kids.
  • Jeff and Gonch remain unimpressed with food operations in all of the Cedar Fair parks they've been to.
  • Lower height requirements make for a better family experience.

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