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Jeff, Richard, Greg and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Richard is live from the airport in Tokyo.
  • Jeff has a report on Chocolate Buzz last weekend at Hersheypark. He's undefeated with eleven laps on Lightning Racer.
  • A little more on Maverick following the media event for the ride.
  • Very strange accident getting people off of the river ride at Animal Kingdom.
  • Harry Potter is coming to Islands of Adventure. Richard feels this is a huge score for the UK tourists that Universal is currently lacking.
  • Richard says that the X clone at Fuji-Q, Eejanaika, is not an improvement. A ride once to say you did ride.
  • Japanese safety and maintenance seems to vary quite a bit, according to Richard, and found a Togo stand-up that you could "sit on" all day.
  • The Japanese Disney parks are best in the company.
  • Hollywood Dream, a B&M at Universal there, is a very cool ride with on-board music you can choose. It has on-board lighting as well.
  • NASA has truly lost its way, but they have a new simulator in Florida.
  • Marriott is licensing the Nickelodeon brand. Viacom is making a ton, but aren't they diluting the brand for the licensees?
  • Cedar Fair gives a peek to early numbers. Per cap spending is up, and they've already got 3 million guests up through Memorial Day for the year.
  • Jeff grows tired of all the Geauga Lake dogging. The gloom and doom is unfounded.

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