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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Conneaut Lake is trying to raise money with commemorative coins. They're a long way off thus far.
  • Entering a low zone while a ride is operating seems like a bad idea, so why does someone die this way every year or two?
  • Epcot restaurants are getting a makeover. We realize now that much of that side of the park had not been updated in decades.
  • What do you do when your property tax begins to overwhelm your existing business?
  • Detroit waterfront gets a carousel, it still scares Jeff.
  • Universal Studios Dubai announced. Dubai is becoming the Caribbean for Europe.
  • Wild West World opens, and we're betting it will be successful.
  • Kennywood expands its portfolio with another kid-centric property. Gonch likes Fred Rogers.
  • Dick Kinzel and the state of Cedar Fair. Is he a bit too focused on Cedar Point? Also: Geauga Lake's future, Ohio park differentiation, and the Nickelodeon license.
  • Disney cuts smoking in the resorts on their own, sans legislation. We like that.
  • Expoland in Japan has a fatal accident as an axle fails on stand-up coaster.
  • PointBuzz has coverage of Maverick's media day on Thursday.
  • Don't forget that the deadline is approaching for Chocolate Buzz. Register today!

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