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Jeff, Richard, Greg and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • X-Flight pieces start arriving at PKI. Not a lot of love out there for flying coasters.
  • Cyclone and Flashback are going away from Six Flags Magic Mountain, not that anyone is going to miss them. At least we can stop talking about the coaster count stat. Can Magic Mountain execute any better without?
  • Nintendo and Six Flags in bed, but it sure is a lopsided marketing agreement. As an aside, Greg says the PS3 is not that cool.
  • New Coney Island information isn't very detailed. Richard wonders what the developers are hiding.
  • Euro Disney profit is up, but what has been the problem all of this time? Richard has the European flavor, including a strange focus on the Orlando parks.
  • Cinderella's Castle has its first overnight guests at Magic Kingdom. So what do you do when the park closes?
  • Legoland California is building the Vegas strip. Will it include little Elvis guys?
  • Kennywood installing a Zamperla Disk-O. While the Magic Carpet is going away, we still give the park credit for holding on to rides as long as they can.

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