CoasterBuzz Podcast #54 posted

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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Staying in Cinderella's Castle: Is there a TV?
  • IAAPA hands out awards at annual trade show, Dick Kinzel named to organization's hall of fame.
  • Lightwater Valley takes responsibility for 2001 death. Sure takes a long time.
  • The Bell's saga continues, and we're still scratching our heads about why it's an issue at all.
  • Hard Rock Park is not messing around as they announce manufacturers for their rides.
  • Universal attendance down, profit and per cap up. Is Universal lost when it comes to marketing themselves?
  • Park attendance seems to be a relatively flat metric these days. Do the big parks have anywhere to go?
  • A new coaster for Coney Island, perhaps.
  • Mark Shapiro speaks to owners at IAAPA, and says the industry needs to stop considering itself "mature." Some feel he doesn't have the track record to be an authority, while others feel the outside perspective is what they need.
  • Lots of CoasterBuzz Club events coming in 2007, including the Fall Affair at Holiday World.

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