CoasterBuzz Podcast #28 posted

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Jeff, Greg, Pat and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • The last podcast was late. Really late. Sorry.
  • Six Flags America is being carefully watched since it's in Snyder's back yard.
  • Cedar Point aerial photos show the park getting ready for opening day, with the new Skyhawk swing ride.
  • Bell's and kids: When is it babysitting?
  • Busch Gardens names change. Why?
  • Universal Orlando doing all kinds of upgrades, and will finally operate the ride over Seuss Landing.
  • Six Flags decides not to renew their lease for their Sacramento water park.
  • Dan Snyder will get reimbursed for expenses related to the takeover. Jeff gives a reality check on why it's no big deal.
  • Another death following a Mission: Space ride. Very sad.
  • Ed Markey is chasing the ambulance on CNN already. Tell us, how would fed regulation have prevented this woman's death?
  • An update on the state of CoasterBuzz.

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