CoasterBuzz Podcast #212 posted

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Jeff and Carrie talk about stuff that is loosely related to roller coasters and the amusement industry.

  • It sure has been a long time since we did this.
  • The noise in online communities (football and politics).
  • Cliques, inside jokes, making the community better by participation.
  • Voting up posts, the scoring game.
  • The process of moving cross-country, Carrie and Jeff share their stories.
  • The wing coaster is an interesting "thing" now for coaster enthusiasts. Jeff approves of the Dollywood ride.
  • Cedar Point's new front end, with GateKeeper.
  • A great year of fundraising for Give Kids The World across several events. Jeff explains why CoasterBuzz supports it, and why you should help.
  • Another good year coming for new rides. Jeff shows love for Premier Rides.
  • Is Kentucky Kingdom ever really going to come back?
  • Attention Conneaut Lake Park: It's a business, not a constant fundraiser.
  • Jeff would totally pay for a tour of the rotting Six Flags New Orleans.
  • BooBuzz is coming up October 12 at Cedar Point.
  • CoasterBuzz Club is eleven years old!
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