CoasterBuzz Podcast #21 posted

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Jeff, Pat and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Disney profit up. It's safe to say the post-9/11 travel slump is over.
  • Media companies shed theme parks because they (or their investors) don't see the long-term value of owning the parks.
  • George Millay: A rare figure in a relatively small industry.
  • Six Flags owned Great Escape opens its indoor water park and resort. We place our bets on Six Flags Great Adventure as the next site for a facility like this.
  • Shapiro visits Six Flags Elitch Gardens, and we might concede that this guy actually knows what he's doing.
  • Disney struggles to close the cultural divide in the Hong Kong park. We remember that this isn't the first time they didn't get the locals.
  • Cedar Fair on the up and up in every category. Place your bets on sustained growth!

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