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Jeff, Richard and Gonch review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • The 200th episode is coincidentally released on the 11th anniversary of the launch of CoasterBuzz.
  • We didn't have any real expectations for starting the show, and yet here we are more than five years later, still doing. Gonch got his start by being active in the old games site.
  • The live podcasts, where we met in person, are still some of the best.
  • CoasterBuzz has only existed in four flavors since it launched. Would like to revise it again before the end of this year.
  • Jeff worried about all of the wrong things back when CoasterBuzz started.
  • A Disney-focused site next? It could happen...
  • Richard calls in from early morning in Dublin. He's been on Formula Rossa at Ferrari World, and he suggests that it probably pushes the limits of what's comfortable to ride.
  • He also wonders what the long-term prognosis of the park is, because it was virtually empty.
  • Eye protection is required on Rossa (he's looking at you, Knott's Berry Farm).
  • Jeff got his Wizarding World of Harry Potter on at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Verdict: Awesome.
  • Best times to visit Universal Orlando? Check the on-site hotel rates and operating hours.
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is an amazing achievement end to end, queue to ride system.
  • Aside: Screen actors on the stage.
  • Unit holders force split from CEO and chair at Cedar Fair. Another board member fills the spot. What's next? Hard to say. The real story comes from the selection of a new CEO to replace Kinzel next year.
  • Universal kills it with rise in attendance. Jeff learns that Islands of Adventure is all based in literary themes.
  • Mt. Olympus owner buys up hotels for rehab. Good for the area? The bar isn't very high to begin with.
  • Jeff takes a moment to complain about how there aren't many roller coasters to ride in the northwest (again).
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