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Jeff, Gonch and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • BooBuzz on a Friday night at Cedar Point was an epic success. Gonch hit the haunts, Carrie got her first ride on Dragster while she was disappointed with Breakers Express. Crazy busy weekends for Cedar Point again this year.
  • Park staffing late in the year is clearly a problem for Cedar Point.
  • Carrie did the VIP tour at Dorney Park, a perk for her Coasting For Kids fundraising. You can still donate to Give Kids The World.
  • SeaWorld Orlando births a new orca. Jeff loves the circle of life stuff, blood and all.
  • Area around Carowinds wants to clean up and better deal with traffic.
  • Morey's ditches its giant slide, and we all wonder where they went. Was it the nuckle burns?
  • Pony Express investigation complete at Knott's, brake fins were apparently painted, contributing to failure. Was someone fired?
  • Cedar Point says "changes not required" to asylum attractions in response to mental illness advocacy group.
  • Holiday World sets another attendance record. What will the Kentucky Kingdom impact be?
  • A thrill park on International Drive in Orlando: Viable?
  • Busch Gardens Tampa is building a low to the ground, multiple launch ride. Gonch is skeptical, Jeff thinks the proximity to scenery can make or break it.
  • Still no word on what's up with Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket at Universal Studios Florida.
  • Q Funding calls out Dick Kinzel, wants a vote to split CEO and board duties. Hilariously, the SEC filing references CoasterBuzz.
  • Church and school groups criticize scorn lover story of haunt attractions at Busch Gardens Tampa. Kids are stupid, sure, but they're not that stupid.
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain announces Green Lantern. Strange low capacity choice for a park that size.
  • Legoland Florida is doing a good job keeping the park on the news radar. So not like Hard Rock Park. The Lego brand is very strong right now.
  • Seattle waterfront Ferris wheel? Jeff is all for it.
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