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Jeff, Gonch and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Carrie says vote for Dan! He wants to be Holiday World's number one fan.
  • Iger says Disney building boom will chill. We still wonder if frequent and giant capital investment is entirely necessary around the industry.
  • Jeff really likes the Disney Parks Blog.
  • Ferrari World opens soon. How reliable will the super fast Intamin coaster be out in the desert?
  • Another head scarf case for Disney, but no one noticed this time.
  • Tulsa State Fair gets a roller coaster. How did no one get sued over the suspicious Bell's lease non-renewal?
  • Chinese simulator accident attributed to bad bolt.
  • Canobie wants to build a Euro-Fighter. Jeff likes these. Wants more. Like. FTW.
  • Exposure therapy used to get college kids over their fear of roller coasters. (Insert "how does that make you feel" joke here.) Is it possible for coaster enthusiasts to lose all of the joy from riding?
  • Idlewild sued for alleged pervert. Gonch and Carrie make the case for why it's a legit claim.
  • Disneyland's first day was a bit of a disaster. How would that have gone in the Internet age?
  • Undercover Boss features Great Wolf CEO. Gonch believes it's the worst piece of reality crap on television.
  • Legoland Florida GM says it's time for Winter Haven to raise its game. Is that really an overnight destination?
  • Geauga Lake Big Dipper has a new owner, with a new level of transparency. Carrie would've liked to have seen the old owner go down with the ship just for his approach to selling it.
  • BooBuzz returns to Cedar Point on Friday, October 15.
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