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Jeff, Gonch and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Petting zoos and germs. Gonch wants to touch goats then lick his hands.
  • Ape and tiger hijinks in Miami.
  • Rye Playland: Public or private? Is it OK for government to run such a thing?
  • Orlando parks report injuries, and it's just the normal heart attacks, falls and scraped knees. Queue accidents not really news, by the way. Speaking of running, the bulls still run at Cedar Point.
  • Charged ride operators at Dells Extreme World not tested for any drugs. Discussions of weed legality and the design of the ride itself are plentiful.
  • Yet another teenager tries to stick it to The Man and steal from the amusement park he works at. Duh.
  • Zamperla cleared of liability in 2004 Hawk accident in Pigeon Forge, as criminal trial demonstrated fault of the owner.
  • Six Flags Over Georgia is building a Gerstlauer Euro Fighter, the conversation begins with silly marketing. Or Maverick.
  • Six Flags Great America is expanding their water park, and Jeff still wonders why they didn't do it as a separate gate. More slides, cabanas and stuff.
  • Disney is getting all TRON-o-rific with a TRON dance party. Jeff remembers the goofy video format his dad had.
  • SeaWorld parks designates a new chairman for its board.
  • Some dude trying to sell Geauga Lake's Big Dipper doesn't want anyone to know his name because coaster enthusiasts called him names. Jeff mentions that there were more than enough opportunities to score that ride, for free.
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