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Jeff, Gonch and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Gonch spent the holiday weekend at Cedar Point, Carrie at Six Flags Great America (with Mike).
  • Whacky Shack is 40 years old at Waldameer.
  • Bell's Amusement Park almost had a chance to lease land near Tulsa, then they county folk decided not to make the offer for a sales tax to pay for the land. Jeff's tired of taxes and the government being absolutely evil. Carrie makes the distinction between principal and situational beliefs.
  • Six Flags is doing the online social gaming thing. Jeff can't wait to block yet another application. If you're gonna waste time on the Internet, do it taunting LostKause on CoasterBuzz!
  • Kentucky Kingdom may have yet another chance, but what should it really be?
  • Universal Hollywood reopens its giant backlot with the help of the Governator and Steven Spielberg.
  • Zamperla pulls off Luna Park in just 100 days. A minor stabbing occurs outside the park on its opening weekend. The place was really mobbed.
  • Kings Island gets Googled to death, but we diffuse the reasoning to the park not having its proper domain name, and people who Google what they already know exists. A discussion about Chrome ensues.
  • Merlin wines and dines tourism officials from Florida to give assurance that Legoland Florida will be superawesome.
  • Security roughs up some teens with pepper spray at a Six Flags Over Texas show. Get off my lawn!
  • Teens rough up an autistic kids at Idlewild. Adults just watch and let it happen.
  • Give Kids The World is competing for some cash from Pepsi to do some upgrades at the village. Vote now!
  • IAAPA lobbies Washington at a cost of $190,000.
  • Shoot The Rapids at Cedar Point: Still not open. Only Intamin could make something not work that Arrow Dynamics did in the 70's.
  • Comcast says they wouldn't shed the theme parks if they acquired NBC-Universal.
  • Giant attempt at swim lesson: Not so interesting, actually.
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