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Jeff, Pat, Greg and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Paramount's Kings Island says they'll do Winterfest again next season.
  • Camp Snoopy no more, as Mall of America lets their Peanuts license slip.
  • Disney parks in Orlando have record holiday season. Is this the return of pre-9/11 tourism or really good marketing?
  • Six Flags chief says new rides aren't the key to boosting attendance, making things family friendly are.
  • There's no way of telling if all of the talk from the new Six Flags regime will be successful so we have to wait and see.
  • While temporary, some Six Flags parks momentarily said they would not allow re-entry into their parks. What the hell were they thinking?
  • Is "classism" a factor in pricing admission to the amusement parks?
  • Six Flags success going forward will depend on the perception of real value.

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