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Jeff, Gonch and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Pop, soda, tying one on, cutting the rug and other regional dialects (and how they almost have something to do with amusement parks).
  • Dan Snyder won't hang out on Six Flags board. The guy takes heat for the way he runs the Washington Redskins, but really he had nothing to do with the Six Flags bankruptcy. Pro sports are a weird business.
  • Is Six Flags too advertisey and restaurant franchisey? Jeff thinks Johnny Rockets sucks.
  • A lot goes into keeping Disney parks looking new and shiny every day. What happened to all of the behind-the-scenes shows on cable TV?
  • Ghost Town sale is approved, lots to deal with there. Gonch liked their hourly shoot out shows.
  • Walt Disney World wins suit from guy how said Tower of Terror caused a stroke. Case was unique because it didn't allege any kind of malfunction with the ride. That, and it actually went to trial.
  • Flamingo Land ride gets stuck upside down due to poncho. Yet the sky was blue.
  • All kinds of stuff found in the Rivers of America ride at Disneyland. The half-canoe is most intriguing.
  • What's up with people who spend all of their time on the phone at a theme park? Mike is one of those people.
  • Q will get people on the Cedar Fair board, but not by replacement, but by adding two. That dilutes the new influence and doesn't seem nearly as good. Jeff is decidedly not qualified to be on the board.
  • Six Flags gets a "B" rating from Standard & Poor's.
  • Kentucky Kingdom has no chance of opening this year. State gives up.
  • Mike says that Six Flags way of doing in-park photos doesn't make sense, whereas Disney does it right by not forcing you to buy prints at the park.
  • Little Dipper is coming along at Six Flags Great America. Mike posted photos.
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