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Jeff, Mike and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Many enthusiasts start their roller coaster season in the south.
  • Cedar Fair delays its unit holder meeting at the last minute, misses off people who went there to attend it.
  • Kings Island will not open with Son of Beast, and its future is still uncertain. None of us care much one way or another about the ride.
  • Controversy surrounds the issue over whether or not to release the video of the orca attack at SeaWorld, court orders temporary injunction to prevent its release.
  • Q says they're not interested in a better offer from Apollo for Cedar Fair. Deal really looks doomed regardless.
  • Universal Studios Singapore opens, and almost immediately closes its dueling Battlestar Galactica coaster over a "glitch."
  • Universal Orlando attendance down, but limits the bleeding in the fourth quarter.
  • Speaking of Islands of Adventure, they've managed to announce the announcement of the announcement several times, and have arrived at a June 18 official opening for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • Six Flags is one step closer to emerging from bankruptcy.
  • Walt Disney World says it's not at fault for monorail crash that killed pilot. Meanwhile, a bus crashes into another at an Epcot toll booth. Jeff thinks many of those drivers are lunatics.
  • Herschend CEO appears on a CBS reality show, Mike reviews the show. Jeff hates the way they manufacture conflict on reality shows.
  • Alton Towers opens 13 with a very successful marketing campaign. Enthusiasts complain about the ride being over-hyped, as if they should have sold it as average. This leads to a discussion about gimmicks and whether or not they're bad.
  • IAAPA spends money on lobbying, some of which is to fend off the last Markey bill.
  • Lo-Q extends contracts, predictable conversations occur. It's officially not "pay to cut," it's "paid virtual queuing."
  • Simon is almost half way in height to adult coasters. Jeff gets a tree-hugger car.
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