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Jeff and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Mike reviews a visit to Six Flags Great America with his daughter who enjoys "scary stuff." Park does a nice job, he says.
  • Jeff gives a thumbs up to Cedar Point for their Halloween stuff, especially considering how far it has come along in the last several years.
  • Six Flags Over Georgia opens after the flooding, and apparently no one came out.
  • Kiddieland closure a big deal in Chicago. Mike says there is a slight possibility that someone will buy the rides and relocate elsewhere. Kid wood coasters feel like a bigger deal, especially to kids.
  • Disney starts a blog (late to the party) and wants to bring the focus of discussion into their domain.
  • Jeff says the Busch deal is still rolling, and there may be an announcement very soon.
  • Disney tickets for charity work is a good deal for everyone. Who cares if it's somewhat self-serving if some good comes out of it?
  • Another Six Flags reorganization plan. Why does tiny Six Flags take months to get through bankruptcy while big automakers can do it in a week?
  • Michael Jackson rides being used all over the place on fair and carnival circuits.
  • Comcast allegedly looking into buying NBC Universal. Jeff says there are all kinds of problems around a company that both creates and delivers the content, especially in a digital age. Long discussion ensues about television and such.
  • Mike enjoys his time turning his nephew into a coaster nerd.
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