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Jeff, Diana, Carrie, Tyler and Mike (with Artemisa and Natalia) review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • From inside a recreational vehicle in a remote part of Indiana comes the post-Fall Affair CoasterBuzz Podcast!
  • Carrie ends the exclusive ride time soaked in a painful downpour on the Voyage at Holiday World. Low attendance made most of the day feel like an ERT day.
  • Pilgrims Plunge is excellent. Jeff and Tyler took several laps. Tyler kept it wet. Carrie didn't ride because she didn't want to get wet.
  • Holiday World beats its attendance record.
  • Chang coming down at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom as it appears to be having some re-focusing issues, perhaps to the water park.
  • Six Flags Over Georgia under water with flooding in the region. Was supposed to open for the weekend (it did).
  • Walt Disney World: Not just for burgers and fries. Jeff and Diana are going back almost entirely for the food (seeing how as she's pregnant). They share dinner adventures around Epcot. Tyler shares stories of premium dinner.
  • Family of boy hurt in Xcelerator accident retains lawyer to do lawyery things. Lack of transparency in this doesn't seem to serve anyone.
  • Cypress Gardens fails again, future not looking great. We wonder if Buescher's original vision would've worked out if it weren't for the hurricanes that year.
  • There are pregnant women everywhere!
  • Family parks seem to be resistant to the recession. Mrs. Koch mentioned to us that group sales were soft at Holiday World, and yet they still broke their attendance record.
  • Kings Island suffers massive PR failure with skeleton displays of poor taste, including a murdered football player from Tennessee.
  • New parade at Six Flags Great America. It makes the kids go "ape crap!"
  • La Ronde has an SLC going up for next year. Weird how that will play out next to a B&M inverter.
  • Diana disses the Great America of the 80's.
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