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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • The Fall Affair at Holiday World promises to be a big deal. Register today! Gonch will be there if others show up.
  • Walt Disney museum on target for fall opening in San Francisco. Gonch wonders what he'd think about the company today.
  • People go to hospital after excess chemicals let into water at Holiday World's Splashin' Safari. Jeff doesn't want to think of the nasty stuff in public swimming areas. Hot tubs are even worse when it comes to genetic filth.
  • Son of Beast closed after another alleged accident. Why did they even bother hanging on to that ride after the last accident?
  • US military helps Iraqis restore amusement park. How important is it culturally to get amusement parks open in a post-war mess?
  • Busch Tampa getting the Sesame Street treatment. Gonch wonders if there's enduring love for the show. Jeff finds Kermit's cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" very disturbing.
  • Six Flags continues marketing agreement with Chrysler, showing cars in 13 parks.
  • Epcot Test Track GM sponsorship in limbo as deadline passes. The boys think GM would be nuts to let go of the deal.
  • Speaking of transportation, Jeff saw a thing History Channel about crumbling infrastructure.
  • Disney strikes a deal with Hong Kong for expansion.
  • PETA unleashes their pain over a dead dolphin at Discovery Cove.
  • Lakeside Cyclone closed until, whenever, to get it ready for 70th anniversary.
  • Saw franchise coming to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando.
  • Legoland has a contest to hire master builders. Anyone see the Mythbusters episode with the giant Lego ball?
  • More iPhone apps available for ride wait times, but they depend on user participation to be of any use.
  • San Antonio paper says parks aren't reporting accidents and state isn't enforcing reporting according to the law.
  • Twitter is the latest land grab as far as trademark infringement goes.
  • CoasterBuzz Club will be going up in price soon, to $25, after eight years at $20. You can still join or renew today at the old rate. Jeff explains why the increase is coming.

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