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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • The Kaitlyn Lasitter story largely draws to a close for those of us who are public observers, but it's just getting started for her. We're all inspired by her positive attitude following the accident.
  • Beech Bend: Built on cash, not credit.
  • This year's stupid embezzling criminal busted at Dorney, stealing from games.
  • Geauga Lake's water park lives on. Tax impact to the local communities is significant.
  • Helicopter crash lands in parking lot at Australian park. Riding in those things is strange.
  • There's an iPhone app now for lines at Disney World, which depends on users to keep up the data. Will people do it? People don't contribute a lot to CoasterBuzz either. Why don't parks do their own mobile Web sites for wait times? Universal did once upon a time, but it's hard to find.
  • PointBuzz posts photos and high definition video from Cedar Point's Starlight Experience.
  • Congo River opens at Schlitterbahn. We think the Schlitterblog is really cool.
  • Six Flags files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It's hardly something that was unexpected. Will this be the reset Six Flags needs to finally reach its potential? Gonch thinks so.
  • Kings Dominion is building something for next year, and Jeff has a pretty good idea that it'll be worth holding off a visit for.
  • We appreciate your support of CoasterBuzz by joining the club. It's only $20 per year, and your membership helps support this podcast.
  • No one wants to harm the Canadians, but you'll need a passport now to round-trip through Canada.
  • The Fall Affair at Holiday World promises to be a big deal. Register today!

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