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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Mike quit his job, CoasterBuzz is Jeff's job and Gonch has issues with his house.
  • What are your expectations for the length of this show?
  • Worlds of Fun opens its GCI, and Jeff says you can't go wrong with those trains.
  • Terminator coaster opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Jeff gets the feeling the ride is a lot better than the movie. Christian Bale's silly tirade against the DP was definitely not warranted.
  • Six Flags turn around continues, and some comments on the Internet imply that there's still some negative reputation to overcome.
  • Obamabot joins the Robot Army of Presidents at Magic Kingdom. Jeff wonders what his speech will be as the other presibots creepily stare at him.
  • Disney promotions continue, but for how long?
  • Waldameer thrives, so why didn't Conneaut? Gonch says it's partly location, Jeff thinks a lack or reinvestment didn't help either.
  • Freestyle getting lots of positive feedback, as it becomes ever more clear that the Hard Rock Park guys really didn't get how to market the place.
  • Six Flags New Orleans a symbol of non-recovery. Someone posted video of the dark ride showing just how much of a loss it really is.
  • Carowinds job applicant denied because of her dreadlocks. The online debate centers around what the park "can" do and "should" do.
  • We're trying to get the band together at the Fall Affair at Holiday World this year. The event flyer has been posted!
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