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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Freestyle marketing, any marketing is an improvement over no marketing. And why are the locals more upbeat on it this year?
  • And then there was the lawsuit trying to prevent the park from opening at all based on IP and trademark issues. The park opened anyway.
  • Magnum opened 20 years ago, and we agree that it's an important roller coaster in history due to its height and speed.
  • A new Kong ride is headed to Universal Studios Hollywood, with 4-D elements. Jeff is not a fan of projection rides.
  • Texas state fair wants to compete with Six Flags.
  • New Orleans keeps bugging Six Flags, but for what purpose?
  • Ghost Town gets a mystery investor.
  • Chicago's Kiddieland will close after 80 years, and it seems like the only reason is that one faction of the family thinks the land is better sold.
  • Manta opens at SeaWorld Orlando. What makes a good flying coaster? Up high or down low?
  • Terminator opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and the focus has moved mostly to the theme pieces before the ride.
  • Epcot Innoventions scores Disney a million for each exhibit.
  • Conneaut Lake sort of opens.
  • Cheating the height requirements is something only stupid parents do.
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  • Jeff completes a three-park tour in eastern PA, and finally gets why enthusiasts love Phoenix so much.

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