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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Recap of the party on a boat, which Gonch missed. Jeff is happily married now.
  • Adventureland suffers from indifferent reviews, and Jeff thinks it was sold completely wrong. Kennywood is more or less just a background for the story.
  • Diamondback opens at Kings Island and it is good. Gonch and Jeff take a number of spins and are surprised at the intensity. Listen for a complete review.
  • Opening day at Kings Island yields enormous lines for Diamondback, and the public appear to love it.
  • CoasterBuzz posts HD video of Diamondback, starring Gonch.
  • Hard Rock Park former owners own the IP? Seriously? Does it matter now that they've changed it to the horrible name, Freestyle Music Park?
  • Six Flags may be facing bankruptcy, but the management team is looking at potential bonuses for getting them through it. The hate toward anyone making a lot of money ignores the skill required to lead a company.
  • Universal Hollywood is getting the Google Maps street view treatment. It's creepy, but incredibly useful.
  • Ghost Town bankruptcy causes a chain reaction to small businesses that served it.
  • Coney Island drama continues, as NYC makes play to buy some of the property owned by Thor Equities.
  • Virginia parks saying things are starting out well. We hate the term "staycation," but are the parks positioned for success in this economy? Gonch thinks so.
  • Researchers put out attendance report but Jeff is annoyed that they don't establish credibility or show their methodology. Busch Entertainment says they're about 10% off.
  • Universal Orlando is trying to sell itself to consumers like it's a used car dealer, according to surveys they're sending out. Jeff is annoyed that they want to compete on price instead of the awesome experiences they can offer.
  • Orlando parks do well over the Easter holiday time. Is this an indication of economic recovery or the heavy discounting?
  • Waldameer's Disk-O is going up, and they're pretty cool rides. The stand-up version is kind of weird.
  • Jeff and Gonch got to ride Diamondback with the mayor of Cincinnati, and it was entertaining.
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