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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Job fairs everywhere swamped with "grown ups." Will the quality of service at amusement parks improve?
  • Alton Towers and the road to nowhere (or road that will never be built).
  • Locals not thrilled with Coney Island development proposals.
  • GM not cool with Disney's price to renew the Test Track sponsorship. Jeff thinks it's a good deal, even if Disney is asking for more. Public scrutiny over marketing expense for bail-out business would be silly.
  • Photos from Egyptian parks posted to
  • Manta testing begins any moment, and while we're not that into flying coasters, the experience in terms of the queue should be interesting. Gonch says it's about the show.
  • Busch parks in sale mode, and Jeff hears of a lot of stupid things going on mandated by the new owners, InBev.
  • Cedar Fair cuts the distribution, considers selling Valleyfair and Worlds of Fun. We have many market pundits on CoasterBuzz.
  • Burger King getting premium at City Walk in Orlando. Jeff is not impressed, but likens it to the upscale-ish brand of Chipotle.
  • Six Flags cash flow positive, but it's likely too little, too late, as they seriously consider bankruptcy.
  • Disney starts an official fan club, and our local fanboys sign up immediately. Hooray, Disney took more of your money!
  • Carowinds offering a limited season pass, but we're not sure who the target market is.
  • Ghost Town in the Sky files for bankruptcy, but still plans to open this spring.
  • Alabama Adventure gets a new slide.
  • Saw: The Ride opening, yet another ride with another beyond-vertical drop.
  • Seriously, what the hell is the name of the new roller coaster at Universal Studios Florida? It's as bad as the name they gave to The Ride Formerly Known As Earthquake.
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