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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Hard Rock Park gets a second life, so what do you do differently this time? (Advertise, duh.) And how about keeping the license?
  • Jeff sucks at going to press events when invited.
  • Girl has heart attack after riding Disney ride, sues company. Is it morally wrong that this happens and it's generally settled just to make it go away?
  • Hagrid's Harry Potter joint at Islands of Adventure. Mike asks, how many structures can you really build in this new area?
  • Diamondback has started testing at Kings Island, and there was much rejoicing.
  • B&M's are like pop music, because they have wide appeal, so therefore coaster enthusiasts can't like it too much. Gonch is a big Timberlake fan. Jeff disses hip-hop.
  • Disney cuts jobs, as did everyone else in the country. Pretty scary levels of unemployment.
  • Every park is seeing big crowds at their job fairs for seasonal work. What kind of impact will this have on the quality of the work force at our local amusement parks? Jeff takes a stab at Cedar Fair grooming standards. And seriously, are nose rings really that offensive?
  • Gonch posts Disney porn on, and we talk Captain Jack stalkers.
  • Tennessee starts inspecting rides after a 2004 accident that was blatantly negligent.
  • Kennywood starts exploring some advertising options, and people freak out. Most of what we've seen in other parks, even Six Flags, isn't all that bad.
  • Star Trek may make its return to Vegas. Does anyone care?
  • Eat a giant burrito, get to ride Speed at NASCAR Cafe in Vegas for free. Mike has the better answer for doing both.
  • Buy your theme park tickets on the plane. Sounds like it might be Disney.
  • Sesame Street coming to Busch Gardens Europe. We really love Da Street.
  • The boys engage on a massive aside about TV shows.
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