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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • CoasterBuzz is turning 9. Where have the years gone? Getting through the winter lull. This isn't hot-tubbable.
  • Judge says that alcohol is OK for Six Flags Over Texas. Local color commentary is funny stuff.
  • Kings Island fan sites thrive probably because the park embraced fan culture back in the day (props to Jeff Siebert). The industry as a whole is still not good at reaching out to the Internet community.
  • Universal Japan may go private, which would pull off the pressure for awesome quarterlies. Long-term goals can get more love.
  • Cedar Fair announces good attendance results, but per cap is down. What are customers' tolerance for five dollar fries? Clearly the Halloween stuff is helping out that fourth quarter. We'd love to know what the distribution of visits is over the entire operating calendar, compared to ten years ago.
  • Cedar Fair also says they're reconsidering the distribution, and the unit price is tanking. Big time. What kind of impact would that have on debt?
  • Indiana Beach looks charming. Waldameer is too, and apparently went non-smoking. How's that going to go? You can't smoke anywhere in Ohio.
  • Legoland California wants to build a hotel? For what, to see the Lego inauguration?
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom bought a giraffe. Why do protesters hate this park so much? Why don't tall animals live longer?
  • Adventureland debuts at Sundance, with Kennywood on the big screen. Jeff maintains that kids really are as clever and smart as they appear in the Apatow inspired movies.
  • Disney doing voluntary buy-outs, Universal cutting more after big cuts in December. It's not a pretty scene for any industry right now.
  • PointBuzz has some interesting video from 1985 at Cedar Point.
  • Gonch is going to Disney World, digs being a stay-at-home dad.
  • Coastermania needs your votes for ERT this year at the new and improved two-day event.
  • We appreciate your support of CoasterBuzz by joining the club. It's still just $20 per year.

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