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Jeff, Mike and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Cypress Gardens reduced to water park with ski show and gardens. Were plans in the Kent years too ambitious?
  • Six Flags has solid results, but says there's some big announcement coming regarding its debt load. The only choices we're aware of is either bankruptcy or additional stock.
  • Geauga Lake partial land sale could minimize the damage of the park's failure. Gonch finds it mind boggling that so much retail can be built.
  • Disneyland and Verizon are doing location-based information with phones. Jeff thinks that iPhones and Blackberries offer a more generic and universal way to pass along the information to users. Mike makes the point that for this to be useful it has to work on many phones.
  • Rye Playland goes POP.
  • Hard Rock Park going to auction. Minimum bid is $35 million, assets are nearly $300 million. Ouch.
  • The Gravity Group announces that they're developing trains. It will be exciting to see who deploys these trains first.
  • NYC wants to buy Coney Island property, Thor will likely not get its way for its mega-resort project.
  • Six Flags and Intamin both settle with the Lassiters for the 2007 accident at Kentucky Kingdom that took Kaitlyn's feet.
  • Jeff and Diana spent a week at Disney World on the dining plan. Thought it was a fabulous deal.
  • Spaceship Earth became a favorite for the goofy animated heads video on the touch screen. We found at least two "hidden Mickeys."
  • The Segway tour around Epcot was sweet. Jeff wants one. Or two.
  • Toy Story Midway Mania is a total home run. Jeff thought it would be another stupid shooter dark ride, but it's much better.
  • Soarin' was much better than expected too. Not another dumb simulator at all.
  • IAAPA was not that exciting, but the Moser Rides "Top Spin for two" is a great idea.
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